Sweet Victory Gourmet - Wholesale Bakery and Cafe

ServSafe® Certified | Licensed | Insured

Sweet Victory Gourmet, a Division of Sweet Victory LLC, specializes in All Natural Gourmet Sweet Treats, Gourmet Dessert Tables, Gourmet Baked Goods, Gourmet Cakes and Gourmet Cupcakes in Bowie, Maryland.  

Sweet Victory Gourmet: 

  • Does NOT utilize harmful genetically modified organisms or better known as GMOs.  
  • Does NOT utilize chemicals and ingredients that have been shown to have adverse effects on our bodies.  
  • Does NOT utilize unnatural preservatives, dyes, and other harmful ingredients.  

The Sweet Victory Gourmet Menu is comprised of products lovingly made with All  Natural and Non-GMO ingredients. 

We use organic sugar cane, cage-free eggs, unbleached flour and organic dairy products.  All of the fruit, spices and ingredients are Organic and/or Fair Trade certified and Sustainable. The finest ingredients constitute the finest quality. 

In  the near future, we also plan to offer products prepared and baked with natural sweeteners; such as Agave and Stevia. 

Our future Offerings will also  include, Organic Vegan, Low-Glycemic specialties, as well as, a healthier fare menu. Please stay tuned!   

We currently offer Delicious All Natural Sweet Victory Dessert Tables, Sweet Victory Cakes, Sweet Victory Cupcakes, Sweet Victory Cookies, Sweet Victory Brownies,  and Sweet Victory Treats! Ahh, Sweet Victory!

Below is a sample list of our Sweet Victory Signature Gourmet Cake and Sweet Victory Signature Gourmet Cupcake Flavors:

Triple Vanilla

Double Chocolate

Lemon Kiss

Snickerdoodle (Cinnamon Vanilla)

Tropical Sunshine

Strawberry Lemonade

Spiced Sweet Pota

Almond Wedding

Sweet Victory Signature Gourmet Cookies:

Chocolate Mega

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mega

Cranberry White Chocolate

White Chocolate Macadamia

Classic Sugar

Sweet Victory Signature Gourmet Brownies:

White Chocolate

Salted Caramel

Double Fudge

* Sweet Victory Gourmet | Sweet Victory Gourmet Treats in Bowie, MD are Divisions of Sweet Victory LLC. Sweet Victory LLC is a All Natural and GMO Free Wholesale Manufacturer, operating out of a prominent, Commercial Kitchen.  A minimum order is required.  Please contact 301.358.2020 for additional inquiries.  

Plans are currently underway for our Brick and Mortar establishment, "Sweet Victory Café". Please Bookmark and Visit us again for the latest News and Events!


* Please note:  We are not affilated with healthycookie.com or mygourmetbouquet.com.